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Peace of Mind When You’re Home or Away

Automatically Unlocks in an Emergency 


Kennel Key can hear the smoke alarms already installed in your home and unlock in the event of an emergency.











Every Feature You Need

Set Timers to Auto-Open

Use the Kennel Key App to automatically let your fur baby out after work and be greeted at the door every day when you come home.

WiFi Connectivity

WiFi connectivity provides push notifications to the Kennel Key Mobile App whenever an alarm is detected.

Replaces Existing Latch

Kennel Key is a full replacement latch so it works independently of the mechanical latches already installed on your kennel.

Uses Existing Smoke Alarms

Detects the sound of smoke alarms already installed in your home. No special detectors or auxiliary devices required!

Monitors Temperature

Kennel Key constantly monitors the temperature in your home and can unlock before your smoke alarm even detects a fire!

Detects Burglar Alarms

Kennel Key can detect standard security alarms and optionally unlock to free your furry friend to deter any unwanted intruders.

Giving Back

8% of profits go to non-for-profit animal shelters to help ensure the safety and well being of those animals most in need. 

Built-in Battery Backup

The built-in battery backup ensure that Kennel Key maintains power and reliability when it matters most. 

Revolutionary Patent Pending Design

Kennel Key uses proven and proprietary technology to offer the highest level of security and reliability.

Easy Installation in Just 3 Steps

1. Mount to Your Existing Kennel

The 4 included cage latches ensure maximum flexibility in helping you mount your device to any style of wire kennel.

2. Download the Kennel Key App

Download the Kennel Key App from your favorite app store and follow the on-screen instructions to connect Kennel Key to your home network.

3. Test Your Device

When was the last time you tested the smoke alarms in your home? Same here. But Kennel Key can’t work unless your smoke alarms are working too!

We Will Begin Fulfilling Orders in January 2021!

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Hear what our biggest fans have to say!

I used to worry about this every day when I put my pup in her kennel before leaving for the day.

Emma R.

Beta Tester

In most residential situations, the best thing we can do is enable pets to make their own escape. This device achieves that without anyone having to enter the building.

Randy D.

Local Fire Station Chief

How amazing is this! This has always been one of my biggest fears as a pet owner of a fire breaking out when we’re not home and fire crews unaware we had a dog in a kennel.

Whitnee T.

Beta Tester

We kennel our dog at night and I always wanted a way to open his kennel if a burglar were to break in. This works perfectly!

Stu R.

Early Product User

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