Anyone who has a dog at home understands all of the unique ways that our beloved furry friends impact our lives. Dog owners can totally relate to each other in the silly, loving, and sometimes gross experiences that we go through with our pups on a daily basis. The truth is non-dog owners just don’t get it! Our dogs help us to stop and enjoy the little things thanks to their goofy personalities. Read on to see our list of 10 things only dog owners understand!

  1. Dog Hair-Don’t Care

Literally on every surface, in every crevice possible, and, sometimes, even in our food-but seriously, who cares?! After years of owning dogs, we all learn to accept that dog hair is going to be everywhere and life goes on regardless of the furry tumbleweeds that drift throughout the house daily. 

  1. Your Things Weren’t That Important Anyway

Anyone who has brought a new puppy into their home or has a dog notorious for chewing knows that our personal possessions are just materialistic! We try not to get too attached to our favorite couch, tv stand, vases, towels, etc. Basically anything that can be chewed on, peed on, or knocked over and broken by powerful wagging tails, doesn’t stand a chance. The important thing to remember is that “stuff” can be replaced and not to get overly attached to these types of things. 

  1. Your Dog eats like a King

While you will eat anything out of convenience, your dog, on the other hand, eats the highest quality foods. You check the nutrition facts and labels, ensure that this food is organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, and whatever other healthy buzzwords are out there to help promote a healthy diet. Or maybe you skip dog food altogether and make your own dog meals from real ingredients. Regardless, you make sure that your pup is getting the best possible nutrition because his diet is way more important than your own!

  1. Showers are Overrated

No matter how hard we try-dog owners usually lose the fighting battle of bathing our pups. They seem to know the second we walk back to the bathroom and start running the water that things are not going to end well for them. Regardless of how clean they are or how good they smell post-bathtime, they can’t help but immediately go outside and roll in something disgusting. If only to remind us that our efforts in keeping them clean are wasted energy and they are in total control of their personal hygiene. 

  1. Welcoming Committee

Who doesn’t love coming home and being barrelled over by an excited four-legged friend who missed you every second that you were gone?! Coming home to a pup who is delighted to see us, sure helps to make up for a bad day at work or being stuck in rush hour traffic for over an hour.

  1. Free Therapy

Every dog owner knows that no matter what they always have a great listener by their side. Our loyal pups are always willing to listen to our problems and offer a shoulder to cry on when needed. Some even offer hugs! That’s one of the true beauties of our beloved dogs, they connect with us emotionally without ever needing to say a single word. 

  1. Adventure Awaits

Not many dog owners can utter the word “walk” without their dog getting overly excited. Exercise is not only a healthy activity for you and your dog, but it’s a great way to get outside, explore, and bond with your favorite furry friend. Dog owners and their fur-friends totally benefit from the fresh air and sunshine, even if it’s just for a few minutes! Nature is calling and it’s saying “It’s time to go outside and play!”  

  1. The Voice Within

Don’t deny it- We have all done it! Pretending to talk for our dogs and trying out different voices for them until we find one that fits their personality is something all dog owners are guilty of. It is one of the silliest ways to pass time and to connect with our favorite pooch!

  1. Dog Kisses Heal Everything

Some people are completely repulsed by the thought of having a dog’s tongue on them. Dog owners, on the other hand, embrace and accept every loving slobber-filled kiss that dog’s plant on us. Yes, we are aware that our dogs lick their private parts, eat feces of whatever wandered through our yard last night, and who knows where else their tongues have been. Yet, we still don’t care and will always accept their love and affection in the form of puppy kisses! 

  1. Dogs > People

Ever been to a party and realize you spend way more time with the host’s dog than you do socializing with two-leggers? Same! That’s just because dogs are so much more loyal, nonjudgemental, and ultimately better than any person who has ever existed. For that reason alone, dogs will always be greater than people-at least in the eyes of every dog owner!