Our Story

On January 14, 2019, a fire broke out in a dog boarding facility on the outskirts of Chicago while the owner was away. First responders attempted to free the kenneled dogs inside but were unable to free nearly half of the over 60 dogs before the blaze took over. Unfortunately, tragedies similar to this one victimize animals across the country at a rate of over 500,000 pets per year according to the AVMA. Kennel Key was founded to help combat these accidents and to help ensure the safety of our beloved pets is at the highest level possible. 

Our Team

Our Founder


Zach first had the idea for Kennel Key while studying Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M. Upon graduation, the plan was to develop the solution while working full time at a demanding corporate job. Unfortunately, little progress was made and it wasn’t until the tragic events in Chicago in January of 2019 that Zach quit his corporate job to work full time on developing the solution to this problem.

We Are Dog People


The bond between a human and their dog is indescribable to those that have not experienced it first hand. It is this indescribable force that drives us every day. Our mission is to install Kennel Key in every home and pet shelter to ensure that our animals remain safe when tragedy strikes.

Giving Back


Part of every purchase goes to fund Kennel Key installation in non for-profit dog shelters across the country. We deeply admire our partners that work every day to ensure as many pets as possible have the fulfilling lives they deserve. We take pride in doing our part to help propel their mission forward.  

Help us spread the word so that we can ensure something like the tragedy in Chicago never happens again:

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