Kids around the country are on their way back to school-whether that may be in person, virtual, or a combination of both. Kids aren’t the only ones who suffer from the dreaded “summer slide”, in fact, our pets can also “slide” when they don’t use the training skills they initially learned. Pet parents can agree that training not only helps with behavior, but it also helps to keep fur babies mentally stimulated. So while the kids go back to school, pet parents might want to consider signing up for some refresher training courses, or even new training courses, to enroll their pups. From puppy training to agility, we created a list of our top picks of trainers in the Greater Kansas City Metropolis area.

KC Dawgz

If you are hoping to transform your dog into a well-behaved, loveable pet, be sure to check out the training options at KC Dawgz. They offer a full spectrum of services and dog training coures to help aid in your dog’s goals. Owner and trainer, Mike Sligh, has over 20 years of international dog training experience and uses a contemporary and effective dog training method, known as “The System”. 

At KC Dawgz, owners can choose to board and train, private training sessions, or enroll in group training. With the board and train option, owners can choose from 2, 3, or 4 week training sessions in which their dog will receive extensive training based on their needs and goals. Pricing and objectives are available on their website. 

For private and group training sessions, KC Dawgz offer a couple different options. Private training sessions include a 1-on-1 session with owners and a trainer to focus on desired behaviors. These options can be either in-home or virtual, and can range from 4-12 sessions depending on the desired behaviors. Group training sessions can be geared toward puppy classes, basic obedience, fitness dog training, agility, nose work, and trick dog foundations. With such a wide variety of classes, you are sure to find what your pup needs at KC Dawgz.

Sit Now Stay

From a variety of training courses and services, Sit Now Stay training facility has all of your dog training needs covered! As far as training services, Sit Now Stay offers private and group sessions, as well as housetraining and obedience focused courses, and even boot camp! With a free consultation, Sit Now Stay will create a custom plan designed specifically for your pup. Boot camps can last 1, 2, or 3 weeks. 

If your pup is pretty well behaved and training isn’t really necessary, consider checking out the services offered at Sit Now Stay! They have the only indoor dog pool in the area and offer canine fitness and therapy, dock diving training (to help with that mental and physical stimulation), and you can even rent out the pool for your pup! In addition to the pool, this facility also offers doggy daycare and boarding. It’s almost like dropping the kids off at school! Your dog will receive the socialization, exercise, safety, and care they need while you’re at work or on vacation. 

If you are interested in having your furry friend become a therapy or service animal, Sit Now Stay also offers courses for these certifications. Keep in mind there is a big difference between a therapy animal and a service animal. Service dogs provide a specific service for people with special needs while therapy dogs provide comfort and affection to those who may be suffering with an emotional or physical issue. Keep in mind that your dog may not be qualified to be a service animal. Check out Sit Stay Now for more information.

The Dog’s Spot

With over 7 professional trainers with in-depth knowledge and experience with training dogs, The Dog’s Spot is a great choice for your pup! From puppy classes, to obedience, agility and specialty classes, the Dog’s Spot has an abundance of choices for pet parents to choose from and enroll. If you are interested in signing up for more than one course, The Dog’s Spot offers packages that may be a better option for you and your pup. Obviously, our country is experiencing a difficult time when it comes to being around others in a safe environment, but The Dog’s Spot has taken these safety measures into consideration and offers an online classroom to ensure the safety of pets and owners. 

Martin Training Behavior

Founder and owner, Tracy Martin, created Martin Training Behavior with the goal to help owners train dogs through science-based, non aversive training methods. That means rewards when your dog gets it right, encouragement when he needs to keep trying, and never any fear or pain induced correction. Martin is the only certified Separation Anxiety Trainer and one of three Fear Free Certified professional trainers in the Kansas City Metro area. She offers private, online, and group classes to her clients to help with their training purposes and needs.

All Dogs Unleashed

At All Dogs Unleashed, trainers believe in results-driven training methods. There are two different training options that are offered: 2-week board and train or in-home training. 

The 2-week course is a great option for busy or active families who may not necessarily have extra time to dedicate to hours of training their dog. In two weeks, trainers will work on behaviors such as puppy biting, jumping, chewing, crate training, and more. In addition to the training, your dog will also get great socialization by being around other dogs. With this option, your dog isn’t the only one who gets the training. Once the course is over, the trainers will work with owners to ensure that consistency in training is followed and offer life-time support. 

If in-home training is more ideal for you, a trainer from All Dogs Unleashed will help you focus on and achieve the goals you have for your dog. The trainers will come to your house, with a two-week break in between to allow for practice time. In-home training can focus on problem areas such as house training, leash walking, separation anxiety, basic obedience, and desensitizing to distractions in the real world. Be sure to check out their website or contact them for more information. 

Greater Kansas City Dog Training Club

Founded in 1953, the Greater Kansas City Dog Training Club (GKCTC) dedicates its time offering training classes to the general public through the help of certified volunteer trainers. They offer an extensive training list including puppy classes, obedience, and tricks as well as competition classes such as novice, open, utility, rally, tricks, and scent work. For more information, check out their website or contact them via phone or email. 

While there are numerous dog training facilities that are highly recommended in the Greater KC Metropolitan area, these are just a few of our favorites. Regardless of where you choose to take your dog for training, make sure you feel comfortable with the trainers and their training techniques. You may also want to inquire what vaccinations are required prior to enrolling or boarding your pup. Remember a well-trained dog behaves better, experiences less stress, and creates a stronger bond with their owner, so do your dog and yourself a favor and enroll in a course today!