Want a new dog, but don’t know which breed is best for you? Don’t worry, we have you covered! With all the different types of breeds out there, it’s hard to determine which breed is going to be best for your family. Lucky for you, we broke down the best breeds for various types of families to help make your decision easier. It is important to keep in mind that every dog is unique in his own way and may not fit the typical “breed mold”. 

Best Kid-Friendly Breeds

  1. Bernese Mountain Dog-These gentle giants can weigh in over 100 pounds! But as big as they are known for their sweet, good-natured attitude towards children. Their easygoing outlook paired with their strong devotion toward their family makes them one of the top breeds for families with children. 
  1. Labrador and Golden Retrievers-Both of these breeds are always at the top of dog breed lists, and for good reason! Their playful, yet loyal demeanors make them fabulous family companions who are great with children of all ages. The one thing to keep in mind with these breeds is the fact that they are chewers! So you may want to keep toys, socks, and shoes out of reach to help avoid any tears from your child.
  1. Bichon Frise-This small breed is top-pick for young children because of their friendly attitude. These little powder puffs are easy to train, extremely cheerful, and have a charismatic disposition. An added bonus is you won’t have to worry about allergies with this pup around, thanks to their hypoallergenic coat! 
  1. Poodle-Smart, extremely trainable, and full of playful energy this is another amazing breed for families with children! The fact that this breed also comes in a range of sizes (miniature, toy, and standard) means families can find one that fits their specific lifestyle.  Another positive thing about this breed, especially if you have children with asthma or severe allergies, is its hypoallergenic coat! 
  1. Collie-If Lassie saving Timmy from the well day after day isn’t an indication that Collies are child loving dogs, then we don’t know what is! Collies are extremely loyal to their pint-sized humans and, because they are herders by nature, they will rarely let their children out of their sight. 

Best Breeds for Seniors

  1. Bichon Frise-Yup! Not only is this breed great for children, but it’s also great for older people too! Its low maintenance when it comes to grooming and exercise makes it a wonderful match for seniors. This small breed weighs in between 7 to 12 pounds, which makes it easy to handle for elderly folks. 
  1. King Charles Spaniel-Another small breed that makes a loving and affectionate companion for seniors. These dogs love to snuggle and, thanks to its small size, is easy to handle and care for. Although King Charles Spaniels need daily grooming, they usually welcome the extra attention from their owners. 
  1. Greyhound-Some seniors may not want a small breed. In that case, enter the greyhound! Although known for racing and being fast, greyhounds are actually couch potatoes. They do like to go for walks or an occasional run around the yard, but thanks to their easy-going dispositions, seniors will find they are low maintenance, easy to train as well as handle. 
  1. Pomeranian-This tiny pup makes a perfect senior companion. Weighing 3 to 7 pounds, the Pomeranian is a pocket-sized pup that can fit in a bag and go to the grocery store, car rides, or basically anywhere that a senior may want to go! This affectionate pup is also happy just sleeping in its owner’s lap. 
  1. Poodle-This breed made another appearance on our list for very good reasons. The fact that it comes in multiple sizes makes it perfect for seniors to choose which size dog would best fit their home. Thanks to their high intelligence, they are easy to train and even easier to manage-making this loyal breed another great choice for seniors. 

Best Breeds for People Living the Single Life

  1. French Bulldog-Heres a pup that will show you all the love and affection in the world, enjoy every second by your side, and, if necessary, be your wingman for finding that special someone. This breed loves spending time at home or going out for an adventure. It doesn’t matter, just as long as they are with their favorite human. 
  1. Labrador Retriever-Friendly and easygoing, the Labrador is an amazon sidekick for a single person. They are another breed that will love hanging at home or going out to the park to run around. Since they are so friendly, they will have no problem helping you make new friends.
  1. Dalmatian-Definitely a “velcro dog”, Dalmatians love spending one-on-one time with their favorite person. With a great personality and a goofy sense of humor, this pup will definitely keep its owner entertained. 
  1. Pug-Pugs love to go with the flow. They are super laidback and since they easily adapt to new situations, people, and environments, it makes it easy for their single owners to take them out for daily escapades around town or a big vacation. 
  1. English Bulldog-For the single person who would rather stay in than go out, the English Bulldog is the pup for them! This breed is a true couch potato and will love lounging with their owner as they watch the big game on TV or binge-watch the next new series on Netflix. Plus, who could resist all of those loveable wrinkles?! 

Best Breeds for Active Families

  1. Dalmatian-Get ready to lace up your sneakers and grab that leash! Born and bred to run, Dalmatians will keep their owners in top running shape! They love going for a daily run, walk, swim, or even a game of catch in the yard. They are always ready to play, especially if it involves physical exercise.
  1. Viszla- A breed that surpasses the majority of breeds when it comes to speed, endurance, and agility, the Viszla will most certainly help keep their family active. These dogs are highly trainable and are great candidates for agility courses. 
  1. Jack Russell Terrier- Small, but mighty-it seems as though the Jack Russell Terrier has endless energy. This breed can run for what seems like forever and would make a great running buddy as well as a hiking companion.
  1. Rhodesian Ridgeback-Bred to be lion hunters in Africa, Rhodesian Ridgebacks are incredibly athletic. This is another breed that loves to run and will be a great training partner for any active family member who may be looking to register for an upcoming race.
  1. Siberian Husky-This breed thrives off of an active family. This breed loves to be outside. Whether you are into camping, hiking, running-this dog will love to be by your side every step of the way. Bonus points if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow!

Best Breeds for Pet Siblings

  1. Samoyed-Being sled dogs, this breed is born to be part of a pack! While they love having fur-friends, they do need another dog that will match their lively and rambunctious energy levels. 
  1. Beagle- Beagles are all about being super chill and very laid back-making them a great addition to your pet family. Their friendly dispositions would make them an amazing companion for your dog. Just be aware that their hunting instincts can kick in, causing them to want to go on an adventure to find what they’re sniffing for. 
  1. Cocker Spaniel-These happy-go-lucky pups are always ready to play, especially with another fur-friend. Cocker Spaniels have a loveable, polite demeanor that helps them to get along with other dogs and even cats! Although they tend to be submissive, odds are your dog and a Cocker Spaniel will get along splendidly. Plus, who could resist those long, silky ears?!
  1. Irish Setter-This is a breed that is always eager to please, thus making it a great fur-sibling. Irish Setters love playing with any and all animals as well as causing mischief. Thanks to their versatility, they get along with pretty much any kind of animal-making an Irish Setter your current pet’s future best friend!
  1. Boston Terrier-Small, charming, and gets along well with everybody-this breed is a great option for a new addition to a home that already has pets. This little breed can entertain themselves, but they do love to play with other dogs, regardless of size!