Now that Thanksgiving is over and the holiday season is in full swing, it’s time for the real hustle and bustle to begin. This weekend in between shopping, decorating, and preparing for the Christmas season, many people decide to take some time to relax and enjoy some movies. Here at Kennel Key, we decided to create a list of the best dog movies of all time, in case you and your family want something besides Hallmark holiday movies!  

Old Yeller

Based on the classic novel, this tear-jerker of a movie will definitely pull on your heartstrings. The incredible story of a boy and his dog on their ranch in Texas is a prime example of how we quickly fall in love with our pets. Watch as Old Yeller helps Travis, protect the farm, and save Travis’s life-just be sure to keep the tissues handy!


Benji is an adorable little golden pup who has local residents and shop owners wrapped around his little paw! When two of his favorite local children vanish, Benji jumps right in to help! Follow along with this cute little stray as he tries to crack the case of two kidnapped children that even the cops can’t solve! 

Turner and Hooch

When you pair up Tom Hanks with a dog, you are bound to end up with a classic! Tom Hanks, Turner, plays the role of a police officer who takes on the case of a murder, in which the only witness is the victim’s dog, Hooch. Turner takes in the constantly slobbering pooch in hopes that Hooch will help to solve the case. 

White Fang

Jack London’s classic book comes to life in this adaptation starring Ethan Hawke. This is an incredible story about a young man who sets out on a journey to fulfill his dying father’s wish. Along the way, he rescues a wolf-dog hybrid who is abused by his owner and the two create an unforgettable bond as they explore the Alaskan tundra together.

Homeward Bound

The Seaver’s leave their family pets with a friend on her ranch while they go on vacation. Little do they know, their pets go on a little vacation of their own as they try to find their way back home. Watch as an old and wise Golden Retriever, a sassy Himalayan, and a care-free American Bulldog sniff their way home through the wilderness and encounter new animals and obstacles that they have never dreamed of before.

Lady and the Tramp

This movie stars not only one dog, but two as the main characters and is a movie for all ages! The masterminds at Walt Disney are behind this classic film about a high class, well-bred cocker spaniel named Lady and a stray dog named the Tramp. This romantic film will entertain people of all ages!

101 Dalmatians

What’s better than one dog? How about 101 dogs?! Based on the book by Dodie Smith, this story follows Pongo and Perdita, two Dalmatians, who set off across a snowy countryside in an attempt to find their 15 dognapped puppies. Little do they know, the evil Cruella De Vil has stolen way more than just 15 puppies, and plans something very sinister with them. 

The Fox and the Hound

An orphaned fox becomes adopted and a hunting pup in training become inseparable and vow to be best friends forever. Their friendship grows stronger every day in their “childhood.” However, as they grow older, they realize they have grown farther apart, and one day the two must put their bond to the ultimate test.


When workaholic, Tom Johnshon, gets into a fatal car accident, he returns to Earth as a dog. He sets out to find his family and reconnect with them in a way he never could as a man. Along the way, he learns about life and friendship thanks to his new friends and newfound kindness from various strangers.

A Dog’s Way Home

Based on W. Bruce Cameron’s best selling book, Bella, a pit-bull mix, unexpectedly finds herself separated from her owner. She takes it upon herself to make the 400 mile journey back home to find him. Along the way, she experiences friendship, death, and confrontation as she desperately tries to make it home.

Marley and Me

Probably one of the most relatable movies to all dog owners. Marley and Me is the story of a young married couple who bring a new puppy into their home and experience everything in life with their dog, from new jobs, to children, to relocating. It shows how much dogs impact our lives in such a short amount of time and how their unique personalities have such an effect on humans.

A Dog’s Purpose

Another one of W. Bruce Cameron’s best selling novels turned film, follows the story of Bailey as he is reincarnated several times in order to discover his purpose. He ultimately finds that his purpose is to be with the boy, Ethan, who rescued him, and to protect and love him for as long as Ethan lives. This movie will make you laugh, cry, and truly make you appreciate everything dogs do for us.