In a world of DIY everything, why wouldn’t you want to make a house for your favorite furry friend?! And have you SEEN dog houses lately?! Gone are the days of the most standard house for your pooch. Nowadays, dog houses range from the most simplistic to some over-the-top housing facilities that even some humans wouldn’t mind spending time in. We have created a list of 10 dog houses that include basic to intricate and even insulated! The best part is all of the plans are free and materials for most of these won’t cost more than $100. Even if you aren’t the most skilled carpenter, odds are you can handle creating one of the dog houses and just imagine the look on your pup’s face when he sees his new hangout spot! 

Basic Dog House

This basic, run-of-the-mill dog house reminds us of Pluto’s dog house that sits in Mickey Mouse’s backyard. It’s your standard square house with a peaked roof that will help protect your pup from all of the weather’s elements. An added bonus to this house is that it can easily be moved from one spot to another. The easy to follow directions include dimensions that are scalable for the size of your dog. 

Dog Tree House

Piggybacking off of our previous house, is the doggie treehouse. This plan provides a design that includes an elevated dog house fully equipped with a ramp-for the dog who is above laying on the ground. Also included in the plans are the list of materials needed as well as the cost and skill level required to tackle this project. Imagine-in just one day, your dog could be the new homeowner of this DIY treehouse 

Sunroof Deck Dog House

Maybe ramps aren’t really your dog’s thing and he much prefers to climb stairs. The best part about this house is that the stairs lead to a rooftop deck where your dog can lounge, keep a watchful eye on what’s going on around his humble abode, or even work on his tan! This step-by-step plan includes the tools and materials that are necessary to help create this unique dog house.

Mini Ranch House

This gorgeous ranch house gets its rustic appearance from lattice battens and a shed roof. Although it looks intimidating, a beginner to intermediate builder can create this house by following the easy step-by-step guide. The list of tools, clear visuals, and video will assist any carpenter throughout the building process. Soon, your pup could be living in luxury as he enjoys his new rustic home in his own backyard!

Insulated Dog House

For just under $75, you can create an insulated dog house! That’s pretty impressive! This 4-step plan includes all of the tools and materials necessary to build this dog house. Keep in mind that this particular design doesn’t have a floor or a base to it-the creator used his outdoor deck as an existing floor. 

Customizable Insulated Dog House

If you are looking for something that may suit your fur baby just a little better, this customizable dog house may be more your style. This design can be made to cater to a dog of any size and brings all the comforts of home-protection, privacy, warmth-to the great outdoors. There are 9 relatively easy to follow steps in this plan and each step has a picture that will help all of the visual builders out there. 

Air Conditioned Dog House

This dog house takes insulating to a whole new level. Why just have an insulated dog house, when you can have an air conditioned dog house? Although this was designed for two smaller dogs, a builder could easily scale this design to accommodate larger dogs. There are 12 detailed steps to creating your pup’s air conditioned home. With this option, your dog won’t be able to decide whether to stay in his dog house or come back inside the actual house!

Dog House with Attached Run

Ok, we get it! Some dogs don’t have a fenced in yard to run around or dont always want to be leashed when it’s time to go outside to play. This dog house with an attached run allows dogs with these limitations to have the freedom to run around as well as have a cozy little spot to relax and hang out while enjoying being outdoors. This plan requires a little more skill and time, but in about 2 days time, owners can have this attractive, yet functional, dog house up and running! 

Dog Log Cabin

Here’s an option for anyone who wants to get a little fancy with their dog’s housing! All of the tools and materials required are listed as well as a few pictures that follow each step to assist builders when creating this house. By following 5 easy steps, your dog could be the new owner of this lovely log cabin-no mountains required! 

Double Dog Kennel

This is for the dog who despises the great outdoors, but is still a great dog who deserves his own doghouse! In fact, this project can house up to two dogs! The easy to follow video will help any owner build a custom and stylish dog kennel for their dog (or dogs!) in a few simple steps. The great news with this house is owners can even install their own Kennel Key on the door for an added safety precaution! 

So from basic to more luxurious, hopefully you found a dog house on this list that will meet all of your dogs needs! Let us know if you build one and be sure to send in pictures of your dog  enjoying their new digs!