Now that Christmas is less than 20 days away, you are probably up to your neck in decorations, wrapping paper, and baking cookies. Maybe it’s time you take a step back from all of the holiday craziness and spend time with those who really matter-like your pup! Involving our favorite furry friends during the holiday season can be easy and fun! In fact, we compiled a list of easy DIY ornaments you can create with your dog to make your tree a little more special. 

Salt Dough Puppy Paw Print Ornament

Creating your own ornament with your dog’s paw print is something you can treasure forever. Not only is it fast and simple, but you can make it with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. It really can’t get much easier, or cuter, when it comes to making this ornament. 

Custom Pet Ornament

To create this ornament, all you need is your favorite picture of your furry friend, printable fabric, cotton balls, and a needle and thread. The directions, complete with pictures, are extremely easy to follow. Don’t worry! You don’t have to be a seamstress to pull this ornament together. 

Funny Dog Ornament

Definitely not your standard tree ornament, but it is cute, funny, and includes your dog! A quick trip to a craft store for fancy pipe cleaners and miniature Christmas decorations will have you creating your ornament in no time. Be sure to use a full-face picture of your pup with this ornament! This one will definitely make your guests chuckle as they spot this one on your tree!

Homemade Wooden Ornament

Here is another extremely easy ornament that you need just a few supplies in order to make! One of those supplies includes your dog’s photo, which we’re sure you have many to choose from. Unfinished wood, ribbon, and modge podge are all that’s really necessary to pull this ornament together in nine simple steps!

Dog Treat Ornaments

This is a great gift option if you have friends and family members who own dogs. All you need are dog treats and fillable clear ornaments. Simply put the treats in the ornaments and you are done! You can fancy these up by adding a ribbon or painting various decorations or pet names onto the ornaments. With this option, you can make multiple ornaments or even donate a bunch to your local animal shelter for dogs who don’t have a family.