Thanks to Autumn and its cooler weather, this is the perfect season to go out and do things with your furry best friend. We came up with a list of fun fall activities that you and your pup can do together!

Sign up for 5k or Fall Fun Run

If you and your pup are the running types, consider signing up for a fun run! Yes, due to the pandemic a lot of races are being canceled or postponed until a later date, however, a lot of them are going virtual! A virtual race means you can still register for the race, only you get to pick the time and day you do the race. Think about it! No more getting up for early check-ins, fighting to use a port-a-potty, or being late to the starting line. You simply leash up your pup, go run your distance at the location of your choice, and send your time into the race coordinator. It’s as easy as that! Not only will you be able to enjoy the gorgeous fall weather with your perfect running buddy, but pretty soon you and your pup will be modeling your race medals for everyone to see! 

Apple/Pumpkin Picking

Spending your time at a local orchard is a great way for your and your furbaby to get out and enjoy the crisp, fall weather. Since most of these orchards are on family owned and operated land, many locations welcome pets! You may want to call ahead prior to visiting your local apple orchard or pumpkin patch just to make sure pets are allowed. Added bonus: apples make great treats for dogs and pumpkin is great for digestion. Just make sure with apples that you avoid giving your dogs the seeds and core, as they can be dangerous to dogs. 

Baked Goods

With your recent abundance of freshly picked apples and pumpkins, you’re going to need to find something to do with all of them. Sure you can make a million pies, but why not make some homemade treats for Fido?! He helped to pick them after all-or at least he was by your side watching as you picked them! Here are a few different recipes to try-remember to consider your dog’s dietary needs before giving him any new foods. 

Peanut Butter Pumpkin Treats

Healthy Pumpkin Dog Treats

Frozen Pumpkin Dog Treats & Banana Pumpkin Dog Treats

Pumpkin Apple Dog Treats

Apple Cinnamon Dog Treats

Sweet Potato Apple Dog Treats

Costumes & a Costume Party/Pet Parade

Who doesn’t enjoy seeing a dog dressed up as a dinosaur or Little Bo Beep?! With Halloween right around the corner,consider dressing your pup in a festive costume! Even better, throw a costume party or a pet parade for you, your dog, and your dog’s friends! You can parade around your neighborhood or have a contest for the best dressed pooch! Just make sure all participants are tolerant of costumes and willing to wear them. 


Celebrate Halloween together and take your fur kid out to trick-or-treat! Instead of asking for candy, you and your furry little costumed companion can ask for donations for your local animal shelter. Collecting spare change from each house in your neighborhood could add up quickly and the animals at the shelter will surely appreciate your kind gesture. OK and maybe while you’re out, it wouldn’t hurt to collect a Milky Way for you and dog treat for your pup-it IS Halloween after all! 


Leash up your pup and head out to the nearest hiking trail. Your dog will relish in all of the earthy scents of the great outdoors and of course spending all of that time with their favorite person-you! 

Fall Photoshoot

Fall has some gorgeous colors and natural backdrops making it the perfect setting for a photoshoot. Grab your camera, or hire a photographer to take pictures of your furry friend playing in the leaves, racing through open fields, or walking with you in the woods. The pictures are bound to be priceless and they will be memories you can cherish forever.


German beer, bratwurst and pretzels are all staples when celebrating Oktoberfest, and all treats your dog would love to enjoy with you! A quick Google search will help you to find an Oktoberfest celebration going on near you and soon you and your pup will be sitting back and relaxing at a beer garden while enjoying all of the fine German entertainment. Can’t find an Oktoberfest near you?! Create your own! Invite your friends over, have them bring their dogs (as long as they are dog friendly), and celebrate all things German from your own backyard. Be sure to tell everyone to bring their own stein! 

Tail-gate Party

While tails aren’t required at a tailgating party, isn’t it so much more fun that way? Dress your pup and yourself in matching jerseys  and have a tailgate party with your friends! You can have the big game playing outside or do all the tailgating festivities outside before going inside to watch the game. 

We hope you enjoy this new season with your furry best friend and be sure to tell us in the comments or tag us on Facebook and Instagram with how you are celebrating Fall with your dog!