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Will Kennel Key fit on the kennel that I already have?

Kennel Key’s unique mounting design allows it to mount to any style wire kennel. Since Kennel Key is a stand-alone latch, it is designed to mount on the body of the kennel rather than the door.

Will Kennel Key work on the door of my portable crate?

The original Kennel Key was designed for mounting on the body of wire crates with the intent of being easily adapted for every style. The parts for the door mounted version are not in production yet but if you would like to be an early tester, reach out to us via email!

Does Kennel Key have to be plugged in?

Kennel Key was designed with safety and convenience front of mind. Consequently, the device consumes a lot of power. The built-in battery backup can power the device with WiFi connectivity up to 4 hours and many more when the WiFi connectivity is turned off.

What if Kennel Key doesn't fit my kennel?

We’re proud of the product that we’ve built and that is why we offer a 90 day money back guarantee. Simply contact our support team at [email protected].


How will my dog get out of the house if there is a fire?

The intent of Kennel Key is to give your pets a fighting chance in the event of a fire. Our push notifications can alert you in the event of a fire and allow you time to contact a neighbor or landlord to investigate. 

Additionally, we are developing a monitoring service that all Kennel Key devices, new and existing, will be able to connect to for real time voice call alerts. 

How strong is Kennel Key?

Kennel Key can withstand a static load of over 100 pounds and we have yet to have a customer break one! If yours breaks, contact us to send it back for a replacement or a full refund!

What if I have more than one kennel?

We offer steep discounts for 2 and 3 packs and Kennel Key’s unique design allows all three devices to be connected together and powered from a single wall outlet. Furthermore, easy device selection in the app allows full control of each kennel independently!

Why do I have to wait until June to receive mine?

COVID-19 has certainly made manufacturing difficult. Consequently, we are resorting to smaller batches at this time with intentions of being able to maintain stock starting in the fourth quarter of 2020.

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