Here we are in the dog days of summer and there is no denying that it is H-O-T! If you think you’re hot, just imagine how your dog feels! The good news is…there is a way for you and your pup to cool off together, and that is to make a splash! Whether it’s a pool, a lake, a river, the ocean, or even just the sprinkler in the backyard, you and your pup can have so much fun and stay cool all at the same time! This week we are talking about all the fun gear you can get for your pup to enjoy and be safe while playing in the water. 

Life Jackets

Frisco’s Dog Life Jacket is one of the most highly recommended life jackets for dogs on the market. With a 4.8 ratings and 98% recommendation rate, this vest comes in 5 different sizes and in a very noticeable bright orange color so your pup can be seen in any kind of water. This jacket is equipped with two handles to safely pull your dog out of the water, and has a sleek build so your water dog can easily and safely glide through the water. Three side buckles allow for the fit that’s perfect for your dog and also includes a D-ring so a leash can easily be attached. 

Another option , Kurgo’s Surf and Turf Life Jacket, has an athletic build that allows your pup to wear this jacket in water and on land. With reflective accents, two handles that allow owners to quickly grab and lift their dogs out of the water, and adjustable belly and chest straps, dog’s will be extremely comfortable and safe while wearing this floatation device. 

Floating Toys

OK, so there are basically hundreds of water toys for dogs-the following are just a few of our favorites, so don’t feel limited to the few we included in this list. The important thing when it comes to water toys is to find something that floats and make sure your dog loves it! It also helps if the toy is a brighter color so it makes finding it easier, especially in murkier water (lakes, rivers, oceans) . 

West Paw Design makes a variety of toys that can be used on land and in the water. Some of our favorites include Zogoflex Air Dash Flying Disc, Zogoflex Bumi, Zogoflex Hurley Tough, and Zogoflex Zisc Flying Disc. These highly durable toys are offered in different sizes, are easy to throw, and even easier for your dog to grab in the water. If pet parents are concerned about bringing home any germs or bacteria on their dog’s toy after a long day of play, cleaning these toys is as simple as putting them on the top shelf of your dishwasher. 

Kong’s Aqua Water Toy is great for training or playing! It comes in two different sizes and includes a rope for long distance throwing.Just like other Kong products, this toy is safe for chewing and promotes healthy dental hygiene since it is gentle on the teeth and gums. 

Ruffwear’s Gnawt-a-Stick was designed specifically after driftwood. This toy is engineered to float flat at an angle so it’s easily visible, comes in three different colors, and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Dogs will love chewing on this and pet owners will love knowing that this toy is durable, chew resistant, and massages their pup’s gums all at the same time!

Splash Pads

Maybe you live in an area where you don’t have easy access to water that welcomes dogs to swim. Not to worry because we found a dog specific splash pad that will have your dog cool in no time! Peteast Dog Splash Pad comes in two different sizes and all that pet parents need to do is hook it up to a hose and let the fun begin! Environmentally safe, easy to set up and store, and fun for the whole family, your dog will love having this splash pad to spend the hot summer months. It is recommended that you trim your dog’s nails prior to use so to prevent puncturing the material. 

Cooling Vests (for the dogs who just despise water)

Maybe your pup just isn’t a fan of water no matter how much you try to expose them to it. I once had a Golden Retriever/Black Lab mix who was absolutely terrified of the water, which basically went against everything both of those breeds stand for! For those finicky pups, they can still enjoy days in the summer sun while staying cool with the help of cooling vests. Basically the way a cooling vest works is pet parents soak the vest in cold water, wring it out, and put it on their dogs. As the water evaporates, your pup’s body heat goes along with it, keeping him nice and cool in the summer heat. The vests can be re-wet as many times as needed. 

Ruffwear’s Jet Stream Cooling Vest comes in two different colors, 6 different sizes to perfectly fit your pooch, and has UPF 50+ coverage. Additional features include three different layers to help keep your pup cool: an outer layer that reflects heat, a middle layer that stores water for evaporation, and an inner layer that creates the cooling effect for your dog. 

Kurgo’s Dog Cooling Vest only comes in one color and is available in 4 different sizes. This vest has a very athletic style to it and includes a two way zipper that allows pet parents to access their pup’s collar. This vest has two buckles that allow owners to secure the vest to their dog as well as reflective markings so dogs are visible at any time of day! 

Hurrta’s Cooling Vest is designed for specific breeds. Simply pick your breed and follow the size guide to determine the right size for your pup! This option is only available in one color, but conveniently zips up for easy on and off wear for your dog. An added bonus is vests in sizes XXS-S have a loop that allows for leash hookup. 

Maybe your pup is one who just absolutely despises being wet. Never fear! There is a cooling vest option made specifically for your water-hating pup! Suitical created a Dry Cooling Vest that fills with water as opposed to being submerged in water. Although the water still evaporates, pet parents won’t have to worry about constantly refilling this vest – it can hold water for up to three days! Although it is only available in one color, it comes in 5 different sizes and can be refilled over 800 times! 

While it is hotter than Hades outside, there are plenty of ways to keep your pup cool and have fun outdoors! No matter what water activities you decide to engage your dog in over the summer always remember to watch out for signs of overheating or heat stroke. Provide plenty of freshwater, allow your dog to take frequent breaks so he doesn’t get too tired, and make sure you always watch him while he is in the water. We would love to hear in the comments the fun ways you and your dog keep cool during the summer! Happy Swimming!