Can we count on you to be one of our 300 people?  

It’s time! We’ve prototyped, tested, and manufactured a small batch of Kennel Key devices and they’re working like a charm.

Even though we think every pet owner on the planet should own a Kennel Key, we need to make sure our customer base agrees. So, we’re running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to make Kennel Key a reality, and we need your help. 

What can you do to get a Kennel Key? 

Starting Oct 7, go to our Kickstarter Page and pre-purchase a Kennel Key! We need about 300 people to purchase a device in order for us to meet our crowdfunding goal and send Kennel Key into production! 

As an early backer, you can get your hands on a Kennel Key for $70 Off!

What is crowdfunding? What is Kickstarter? 

“Crowdfunding” means raising capital by getting a lot of people to invest a small amount of money to back your project. We need about 300 people to commit to purchasing a Kennel Key device (at a discounted rate) in order to hit our goal.

Kickstarter is a long-trusted website that makes crowdfunding EXTREMELY safe for investors like you. You can support us by pre-ordering a device yourself through Kickstarter. If we reach our goal in 30 days or less, we automatically go to production and you get a Kennel Key. If we don’t reach our goal, Kickstarter puts your money right back in your bank account. 

We only need about 300 people to pre-purchase a Kennel Key to make this dream a reality!

I don’t need a Kennel Key. Can I support you another way? 

Yes! We’re glad you asked! If you don’t have a pet or don’t kennel your pets, you can still help us get Kennel Key into production with a smaller purchase. Simply go to our Kickstarter page on or after Oct. 7 and spend as little as $10 on other pet swag.

P.S. Kennel Keys make great gifts for the pet owners in your life! So consider grabbing one at a discounted rate for the upcoming holiday season!

Do I get my money back if your Kickstarter fails?  

Yes! That’s why we’re crowdfunding through Kickstarter. We know it takes $65,000 to get this concept off the ground. Kickstarter gives us 30 days to prove our concept and hit that goal. We don’t collect a penny if we fall short. Once that 30 days is up, if we don’t have enough money to go into production, Kickstarter simply releases the funds right back into your bank account. 

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