What’s better than dressing up in fun costumes and collecting free candy?! How about dressing up with your favorite furry best friend to collect those treats! This year you can get your fur babies involved in all of your favorite Halloween celebrations by creating an easy and fun do-it-yourself costume! 

  1. The Pooch from Far, Far Away

Who can resist the adorable little Ewoks from Star Wars? Now you can easily dress up your furry little pup as these cute little warriors. With only three materials, twine, brown fabric, and scissors, you can easily follow these steps to create your own little Ewok in no time!

  1. Lion or Dog?

With this no-sew project, your dog will instantly transform from canine to the King of the Jungle. Requiring four materials of different colored felt, scissors, snap tape, and a hot glue gun, you can follow the simple directions to create your dog’s very own lion mane. 

  1. Magical Unicorn

Unicorns are all the rage these days, and you would almost be depriving your pup by not dressing her up as one of these famous mythical creatures. Although a little bit of sewing is required, this costume is relatively easy to pull together. Even the most beginner of seamstresses can handle creating this adorable costume.

  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Dog

Who isn’t a fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Michelangelo was, hands down, the best! In four easy steps and a handful of easy to find materials, you can make your dog into one of your favorite crime-fighting turtles! 

  1. NASA Space Dog

Ever wonder what it was like for the first dog who traveled to space?  Now you can dress your pup up as Laika, the first dog who orbited the Earth, for Halloween. This costume requires a few easily attainable materials and twelve step-by-step photographed instructions to help you create a doggie space cadet costume!

  1. Angel or Devil?

Is your dog more angelic or does he have more of a devilish side? These costumes are a great DIY option, especially if you have two dogs! Basically, all you need are elastic bands, felt, garland, and a hot glue gun to create these headbands. The easy-to-follow video will help you create these costumes in no time!

  1. Bat Dog

Who needs Batman when you have Batdog?! With a harness, craft foam, and a few other materials that you definitely have lying around the house, you can follow this video to create your very own Bat Dog costume. The great news is, this costume only cost creator Youtuber Sea Lemon, $2 to create this costume. 

  1. Martini Dog

Maybe you have a pup who is recovering from a recent procedure and has been crowned with the dreaded “Cone of Shame”. Not to worry! This costume will help your pup participate in all the Halloween fun. All you need is a wooden dowel, three styrofoam balls, paint, and a red ribbon. All you have to do is paint the foam ball to look like olives, poke the wooden dowel through them, and tie the red ribbon to the end of the dowel. It is literally foolproof! 

  1. Beanie Baby

Have a pup that resembles a stuffed animal? Perfect! Because this costume allows you to easily transform your pup into a TY beanie baby. With felt and hot glue, you can follow the tutorial to create one of the easiest, and cutest, pet costumes. 

  1. Paint Paws

This is a great option for pets who absolutely despise costumes. There are multiple options for pet parents to safely paint their pets for Halloween including a link to buy the pet safe paint. From skeletons to tigers, and even Sully from Monsters, Inc., the possibilities are endless for your pup when it comes to this pet paint.