Social media is the way of the world these days. Most people can admit to spending hours mindlessly scrolling through some form of social media on a daily basis. Everyone has a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or SnapChat that they are constantly posting to and sharing their daily life with the world. The same is true for dog lovers! There is a community on social media platforms that connect dog obsessive people, owners, and fans worldwide. Today we are going to focus on a few popular Facebook groups and pages that you should definitely check out and follow (if you aren’t already), if you are of the dog obsessed mindset.

Thoughts of a Dog

We can all admit that we wonder what our dogs are thinking or feeling multiple times a day. From the creative mind of Matt Nelson, this page consists of all thoughts that our dogs could be thinking at any given time. Humorous and oh-so-fitting, dog owners can totally relate to these thoughts-even if they weren’t really written by a dog. 

We Rate Dogs

With everything on the internet, everyone seems to want to give ratings and reviews for just about everything. With the We Rate Dogs page, it does exactly that-rates dogs! From the mastermind behind Thoughts of a Dog, Matt Nelson is at it again as he rates pictures of dogs that owners submit. The captions are hysterical and the ratings are scored from 1 to 10.


This Facebook group is for people who spot dogs that they don’t know, and share pictures and stories about them. It’s no wonder this page has over a million likes! In fact, this page has gained so much attention that it has turned into a sport. There is a scoring system that gives positive points to the content that is shared. There is even a list of rules to follow-so make sure if you join this group you follow the rules to get as many points as you can!


Over 150,000 people follow this group for the most trusted name in news. While there really isn’t any real news being reported on this group’s page, there are a lot of posts of adorable dogs and funny captions that keep followers entertained. Followers can share their own posts or 

Dogs World

As one of the top ten growing Facebook pages in the dog category, Dogs World is a place for followers to share amazing dog photos and videos. Their main goals are to inspire followers to adopt dogs, educate the community on proper care for dogs, curate the best content and products for dogs, and to connect dog lovers around the world. With a million plus followers, this group is definitely hitting its goals! 

While these are some of the top trending dog groups and pages currently found on Facebook, there are hundreds of other related pages that are dedicated to dogs and dog lovers alike! IF you happen to stumble across a few of your own favorites that aren’t on our list, be sure to share them with us in the comments below. Be sure to check back in the upcoming months for our favorite Instagram and Twitter accounts dedicated solely to dogs and their owners!