Ways to Have an Easter Egg Hunt with your Dog

Take a minute and think back to Easter celebrations you had growing up. Maybe you had a big family dinner, attended a special religious ceremony, or would just dive headfirst into a big basket of candy. Remember one event, in particular, that would always get you, your friends, and family members excited for Easter: the traditional Easter egg hunt. It was so much fun running around with your family and friends searching for eggs that held wonderful prizes and then counting all the eggs at the end to see who found the most. Although you may not be a kid anymore, or even have kids of your own, if you have a dog why not relive those Easter egg hunts and celebrate Easter with your favorite furry friend! 

Participate in a local activity

One way you can get your pup involved in Easter activities is to research your local area. Many shelters, rescues, and local pet businesses hold Easter festivals, where you and your pup can visit with local vendors, get something to eat, meet and take your picture with the Easter Bunny, and participate in a dog friendly Easter egg hunt. This is a great way for you and your dog to get out and socialize and have a little bit of fun with other dog owners. 

Create your own egg hunt

Maybe going out isn’t you or your dog’s thing or you just prefer to stick close to home. You can still have a great time by throwing your own Easter egg hunt at home with your pup. Grab some plastic Easter eggs and fill them with some special store-bought treats or treats that you know your dog absolutely loves like cubes of cheese or even a spoonful of peanut butter. The more potent the treat smells, the better! Hide the eggs around your yard, or if the weather isn’t agreeing you can hide them inside, and when you’re ready let your pup go and find them! This is a great way to mentally stimulate your dog and give him a chance to have a little fun!

If you want to take this a step further, you could always invite your friends or family members who have dogs. You can even fill some of the eggs with special prizes such as a gift card to a local pet store, groomer, or dog friendly bar/restaurant. 

The possibilities of having an Easter egg hunt at home are endless, but just make sure if you invite other pups over that they are all dog friendly. It’s also a good idea to count all of the eggs prior to hiding so that at the end you can be certain that all eggs have been collected and you won’t find one in your house/yard, months from now. Always remember to keep a close eye on your dog around plastic eggs, to ensure he doesn’t try to eat the whole thing in anticipation for the tasty treat inside. 

Make a donation

Perhaps you recently lost your dog or the great Easter egg hunt you planned was over in 30 seconds. If you are looking for other Easter inspired ideas, try creating Easter baskets for your local shelter. Think of all of the dogs who spend the majority of their day in kennels, with little interaction with people or other animals, and don’t get the opportunity to spend Easter, or any day, with a loving family. All of the homeless animals will certainly appreciate an Easter basket with a few new toys, treats, or a monetary donation to help support them. Who knows, you may even find a new best friend to bring home! 

There you have it! A few fun ways you can throw a special Easter egg hunt for your pup! No matter how you celebrate Easter with your pup, remember to let your pup have fun, but make sure that he is safe. Keep an eye out for plastic eggs, Easter grass filler, and most importantly, chocolate that could be easily accessible and ingested by your four-legged friend as these items can cause serious health issues. 

Wishing you a happy Easter and as for your pup, happy hunting!