There is no doubt that when it comes to being a pet parent, nothing makes us happier than seeing our beloved fur babies happy. So, we have compiled a list of unique gifts for that unique pet lover in your life-as well as a few for their pet’s that’ll be sure to keep their tails wagging! 

Custom art

Etsy has numerous talented and reputable artists who create custom pet portraits. From prices as low as $4, shoppers can find artists to create a pet portrait on canvas or put their pet’s mug on other items such as mugs, necklaces, pillows, and phone cases.

Another option if the pet lover in your life already has a lot of custom pet portraits, is artwork that spotlights their favorite breed! These breed specific blueprints are inspired by mid-century blueprints and include amusing “design specs” detailing the breed’s temperament and origin. With over 100 various breeds to choose from, the pet lover in your life will be celebrating their pup’s adorable attributes in no time!

Furbo Pet Camera

All pet owners wonder what their pets do when they aren’t home. With this gift, they’ll finally know! Watch, communicate, and throw treats to pets all by using the free app that goes with the camera. Fully equipped with HD video quality, 160 degree views, and night vision, pet parents won’t miss a thing their fur babies are doing. 

Kennel Key

Pet parents often worry about the safety of their fur children when they can’t be at home together. Pet parents can rejoice with Kennel Key, which gives them full control of their pet’s crate. With timers that can be set to automatically open the crate, the ability to detect smoke and security alarms, as well as monitor temperature, pet parents can have peace of mind knowing their pet is safe and protected while they are away. 

Treat dispensing Interactive toys

Treat dispensing toys, such as the IQ ball or the Treat Tower, help to keep pets entertained physically as well as help their mental stimulation, which will help prevent boredom, anxiety, and destructive behavior. Pets have to learn how to roll the ball in order to have a treat come out and because the toys are customizable, pet parents can determine the level of difficulty for their pet. These toys are sure to keep any pet entertained for hours. 

Baking molds

Everyone can agree that homemade baked goods always trump store bought treats. With this two-pack of baking molds, pet parents can create baked or frozen treats for their furkids to enjoy. Even if the pet lover in your life isn’t destined to be a contestant on Food Network’s next Baking Championship, there is an easy to follow recipe book that any beginner can follow. 

The Farmer’s Dog-Custom food kit

Meal delivery kits are all the rage these days. Who can argue with fresh ingredients, easy to follow recipes, and delicious meals all delivered to your front door?! Shouldn’t our pets get the same kind of treatment? The people behind The Farmer’s Dog thought so and have created a meal delivery service specifically for dogs!  Using human grade food and pre-portioned meals, pet parents can have nutritionists create meal plans to meet their dog’s specific needs. 


Another delivery kit option is one that involves the best of all worlds-treats, toys, and chews. Each month, the pet lover in your life will receive a BarkBox full of fun for their dog! These customizable boxes include 2 innovative toys, 2 bags of treats, and a chew based on your dog’s preferences. There is even an option for super chewers because we all know some dog’s love to annihilate toys in record time! 

Dog bed

Who doesn’t like to be comfortable? This bed is sure to make the pup or kitty in any pet lover’s life happy! Pets can lounge in comfort on memory foam and feel secure, thanks to the wrap around bolster siding. Easy for pets of all ages and sizes to get on and the cover is machine washable for stress-free cleaning. Any pet would love to curl up on this bed and go to sleep. 

We know that sometimes it can be tricky to find the perfect gift for pet parents, but hopefully our list sparked some ideas for the pet lover in your life! Let us know in the comments what you think makes a great gift for a pet lover, or the best gift you have ever received as a pet parent! Happy Shopping!